Rob Beekmans

What about the robots?

Last week I watched a youtube video about Google I/O 2018 conference. It was a video about how Google assistant made appointments for a client. The video showed a very advanced Google assistant anticipating on answering given. At the same time, a few days before I saw our CTO and our Technology director have discussions …
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Any device, anywhere, any time… Chromebook vs Raspberry Pi

Started working for Citrix a month ago and the mantra of Citrix is that you can work from anywhere on any device at any time. I’ve been in IT since ’93 and worked with Citrix products since ’96. As many know I worked with competitors as well for many years, not bound by a vendor …
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Liquidware ProfileUnity v6.7.6 – Profile storage as a service on Object based cloud-storage

Customers are moving to the cloud, with servers, services and slowly with desktops. Recent studies show that customers moving their desktops to the cloud is not going fast but it will get there. The first movers are the ones with the easiest workloads, call centers, and task workers. The same group we saw migrate to …
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The story of my home lab from a spare room to a war room

As most understood correctly I started to work for Citrix in April, some thought it as a fools joke but it’s not. Working for Citrix in product management is understanding material, how things work. At my former employer, we (@svenh) and I had a lab for testing, we used some older hardware for our testing. …
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Creating a custom ESXi ISO image for your home lab NUC (NUC7i7BNH) environment

Working on my home lab I ran into an issue with the Intel NUCs I used. The standard ISO of ESXi 6.5 does not recognize the NICs in the NUCs. This is not surprising but still irritating. This short blog is about how to create a custom build in a few minutes to get you …
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