End User Computing

VMware Horizon View 7 – Blast Extreme

VMware Horizon View 7 – Blast Extreme One of the biggest announcement of VMware, next to Instant clones, for me personal is Blast Extreme. When they first announced Blast it was a nice feature but nothing great, features were lacking and usability therefore was limited. Rumours where going around that VMware was going to give Blast a …
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VMware Horizon 7 Instant clones

VMware Horizon 7 Instant clones I was having a discussion in the office about whether cloud based deployment are starting to be de-facto or if we still see many old school deployments. Later on I was pointed at Shawn’s blog where he mentioned flying cars. I  had to think back to that blog while starting this …
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VMware Horizon 7 – announcement – part II

VMware Horizon 7 – announcement – part II In the first part of the article I wrote about cloud pod architecture, SSO and access point. In this article I briefly want to address the other announcements. AMD Multiuser support with vDGA First one to talk about is the enhanced with AMD hardware for VMware Horizon …
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VMware Workspace ONE explained

VMware Workspace ONE Today VMware is releasing a major update of their datacenter and end user computing portfolio. I’ve been honoured to be given an insight just before the launch so I can share what is announced already. In this article I will go into the announcement around Workspace ONE. YES a rebrand, we got to learn a new …
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VMware Horizon 7 – announcements

VMware Horizon 7 – announcements – part1 VMware announced Horizon 7 today, it will be released Q1. In this article I walk you through the major changes from the last version.  This is part 1, part 2 has more announcements Let me start by making a list of topics; CloudPod architecture Instant clones Smart policies SSO …
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