End User Computing

VMware View event database slowness

VMware View event database slowness Today is my debugging day once again so after looking at VMware ESX and talking about indexing of Outlook E-mail, wondering why log files are not purged after ┬ábackup I’m back with VMware Horizon w. View. The customer noticed that when he went to the VMware View administrator console and …
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Citrix Scout and TAAS, a golden combination

Citrix Scout and TAAS, a golden combination For any consultant a set of tools that helps you in your daily job is a must. Citrix has been providing consultants with a set of tools that really rocks. I’ve written about this before but I think the tools need constant attention to make sure everyone is …
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VMworld Barcelona – a few takeaways

VMworld Barcelona – a few takeaways This blog will give you some understanding of Barcelona and VMworld Barcelona. I’ve never been to VMworld Barcelona but been in Barcelona a few times (once with Citrix Synergy) and a few times with the family. Barcelona is a nice friendly city (if you take in account all the …
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Debugging RES Workspace Manager

Debugging RES Workspace Manager This blog will show you how to enable debugging in RES Workspace Manager and how to determine what is happening with your users workspace. Debugging will give more indepth knowledge of what is happening, it shows what is going on below the surface. Setting up debugging Debugging with RES Workspace Manager …
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On-premises like on-site

On-premises In IT the acronyms we use change so fast it’s hard to keep up with them. With the Cloud hype raging a new acronym was introduced, on-premises, meaning that the services are running locally rather than in the cloud. This short blog will explain why on-premises is written as it is and why the …
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