Monitoring Citrix – a vendor overview

Monitoring availability, performance and uptime. Topics that are utmost important in 2019 for any organisation. Citrix is one of most used solutions providing end users access to applications, desktops or data. To ensure the availability, performance and uptime monitoring is required. There are numerous products on the market to monitor a Citrix environment. In this …
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Top 5 questions regarding Microsoft SCOM and OMS – Free e-book by Savision

With Microsoft talking about OMS (Operations Management Suite) people are assuming it is a competing product against Microsoft SCOM. Microsoft SCOM has been around for several years and is the backbone of Microsoft’s monitoring solution. At conferences Microsoft OMS is presented as the replacement of Microsoft SCOM (or is that just what people hear) but …
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Select your monitoring solution with this easy scorecard

Select your monitoring solution with this easy scorecard A quick blog about a toolkit I noticed at the Goliath Technologies website. The scorecard can be used in the process of selecting a monitoring solution. Selecting a monitoring solution can be a burden. ┬áVendors will most likely say they can do most of what you ask, …
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Securing your Tomcat server with a SSL Certificate

Securing your Tomcat server with a SSL Certificate Security is key in todays world, so also your Tomcat server. We have a couple of SAAS services where we run Tomcat service to offer the web services. Of course we needed get a certificate on that server so that we can provide our customers with a …
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VMworld 2016 Las Vegas – 13 take aways

VMworld 2016 Las Vegas – 13 takeaways In a couple of months VMworld 2016 will be held in Las Vegas, I thought it might be a good idea to share my knowledge of this conference with you. Perhaps it’s your first time around and you wonder what to do, how to move. It’s not that …
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