Microsoft Enterprise State roaming – public preview

Microsoft Enterprise State roaming – public preview Writing and updating the UEM Smackdown is challenging as vendors bring out new technology while you sleep. Microsoft was one of the vendors that was pretty stable on this, not much changed over the year, GPO, GPP, UE-V, USV, we all knew how it worked and where it …
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Liquidware labs Flex Apps- Micro isolation

Liquidware labs FlexApp – Microisolation Liquidware labs recently launched a new feature for their FlexApp product, micro isolation it is called. Micro isolation in short is away to differentiate between applications and file requests. In this article I’ll tell you a bit more on the why and how. Quick history lesson I’m an old guy born in the …
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VMware App Volumes 3.0

VMware App Volumes 3.0 Today VMware released App volumes 3.0 a major release that shows the determination of VMware to work on their EUC portfolio. I’m glad they didn’t acquire anything but are working hard to integrate and expand the products they have. I’ll walk you through the announcements today to show what is coming. AppToggle  A …
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VMware Horizon view – What, I need to click twice?

VMware Horizon view – Click to get focus This blog will show you an issues with VMware Horizon View that is very irritating to users. At a customer site they are experiencing this issue and the only solution they have at this moment is to revert to RDP where the issue is not appearing. Customer …
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My iPad connects to the wrong WiFi every time

My iPad connects to the wrong WiFi every time I got of the phone with a co-worker yesterday and we discussed an issue he had at a customer site. We do this often to kill traffic jam time, this topic stayed in my mind and I decided to look a bit further. The case was …
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