Thoughts on a storage solution for small companies – part 2

Thoughts on a storage solution for small companies – part 2 In my previous post I talked about the thought I had with storage solutions for a case I was working on. Had a lot of discussions and conversation with every vendor out there, which is good for it keeps me sharp and I learn …
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Choosing a storage solution < 150vm's

Choosing a storage solution Today as a preparation for a meeting tomorrow I did a “deep” dive into two storage solutions. I’m not a Storage guy let’s put that up front, I’m more the overal solution kind of guy and I expect the storage guys to bring me the performance I need. I’ll tell them …
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Handy configuration tips on a Friday

Handy tips on a Friday Today I was busy helping a Thin client deployment remotely and I thought that the settings we did there might be handy for more people. So as usual I share this on my blog. Environment The environment this was happening in is a Citrix environment setup with; Citrix XenApp 7.5 …
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Thoughts on VMware project Meteor, Fargo and APP Volumes

Thoughts on VMware project Meteor Today I did two presentations about VMworld 2014, one for a sales group and one for Consultants. Interesting were the different discussions and questions you get from both groups. The discussions got me thinking about what I was presenting…Thought I share these with you. Project Meteor Project Meteor is a …
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There goes my mirror – SQL error 1474, severity 16, state 1

Microsoft SQL mirror setup – error 1474 This blog will show you issues that may occur when working with a Microsoft SQL mirror. This blog will also show you how to solve it and why you need to make sure everything is setup exactly the same way. A Microsoft SQL mirror setup is not that …
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