VMworld2015: Composer for RDSH

VMworld2015: Composer for RDSH At VMworld 2015 VMware announced that now it’s finally possible to use composer to deploy RDSH hosts. Before you had to deploy RDSH host manually or through your own deployment method. RDSH RDSH host offer the SBC solution to VMware as you know it from Citrix and Microsoft. With RDSH hosts …
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Project Astro – Console/workflow

Project Astro – Console/workflow Yesterday at VMworld in the Session presented by Harry Labana he talked about a unified console. He demo’ed a workflow where a desktop or application is provisioned like you order a pizza. Just simple and not having to go to many many console, just like we want it. At the Atlantis party I …
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VMworld2015: Cloud Pod architecture for RDSH apps

VMworld2015 Cloud Pod Architecture for RDSH Apps At VMworld during the keynote of Tuesday new enhancements to the Cloud Pod architecture are announced that allows RDSH application to be published through a Cloud Pod. What is Cloud Pod? Quickly looking back to what is a Cloud Pod. A Cloud Pod is what VMware designed to …
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VMworld2015: HTML Access to Cloud Pod

VMworld2015: HTML Access to Cloud Pod At VMworld 2015 Tuesday, the EUC keynote, VMware released a new feature that will help users connect to resources without access to a Horizon View client. Until now you needed the VMware Horizon View client to connect to a cloud Pod enabled environment. If your environment is not cloud …
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VMworld2015: RDSH Load Balancing

VMware Load balancing At VMworld 2015 VMware announced an improvement to RDSH load balancing. With the release of RDSH load balancing offered was pretty simple not taking load of servers into account. There was no real load being determined resulting in servers being offered session they should never have gotten. VMware now releases the second …
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