Citrix acquires Norskale, see how the UEM market shifts


Big news today, Citrix acquires Norskale which is big news. Rumours were flying that someone was buying but as everyone kept saying not us, so I thought the rumours were just rumours. with this acquisition the market for User Environment Management shifts. With the creation of the last User Environment Management comparison white paper (aka smackdown) Citrix stayed behind in the matrix. Compared to many other vendors they lacked development of their UEM solution for a long time. Citrix User Profile Management was not up to the task anymore if you compare it to the other players in the field. VMware recently acquired Immidio which I think would have been a good fit also for Citrix. VMware now has a strong UEM solution that they are integrating more and more in their product line.

Citrix was left behind and they needed to do something, something to show their customers that they mean business when they say we have focus on our core. Well UEM should be one of your core offerings together with delivering desktops and applications.

Norskale VUEM or Virtual User Environment Manager is created by Pierre Marmignon. Pierre is like a godfather in the Citrix community and has been building VUEM up from the ground to a solution that could compete with the big UEM solutions. Loved to work with him on the UEM smackdown as he was very helpfull in giving me information and answers when asked. Now we wonder what he will do, work at Citrix or retire.

So if you wonder what Norskale will bring Citrix in the UEM market, perhaps it is a good idea to get a hold of a copy of the UEM Comparison white paper aka smackdown as there all vendors are compared to each other and you can read up on their offerings.

My initial blog about the User Environment Management comparison white paper aka Smackdown is found here  – link – if you scroll down you have a direct link to the download page of the comparison white paper.


If we take a look at the table I have in the comparison white paper you clearly see that Citrix is gaining some value dots there. User Personalisation and Application Access control are all of a sudden available. With Norskale They will also get their hands on some interesting application delivery and monitor/reporting functionality. The reason application delivery was a dot here is because that is what Citrix offers in their suite, same goes for monitoring.  now with the Norksale acquisition they got it on a different level as well.


So if you want to find out more, read my previous blog or go and download the UEM Comparison white paper directly from here. Mind you some parts of that site are in Dutch but you will find your way around.




There is more to Norskale then just Norskale that we know as VUEM, there is also Transformer which is actually Thinkiosk licensed to Norskale. when you are a Norskale customer you would have the benefit of being able to use both VUEM (which is called Norskale as solution) and Transformer (which is ThinKiosk on a license). Thinkiosk itself is not going away as far as I think.

From what we read earlier from Andrew Morgan he is developing ThinKiosk further. The ThinKiosk version they got licensed is one without the magic filter, without Storefront integration and more. The Magic filter is the ability to use CTRL-ALT-DEL in virtual environment, a very important feature of Thinkiosk. As Transformer doesn’t have that it is not a real threat to Thinkiosk in my opinion.

Interested to see if Citrix goes into client management or if they will leave Transformer alone and focus on the UEM side only. For now the signals are for the latter one, UEM only for now.


This acquisition is a big move for Citrix, if you want to read their press release, click on the following – link -. Now we have to see how they will integrate it. the new acquired UEM product will be available as a separate download for Citrix Enterprise/Platinum customers later this month. Let’s see if they also allow us to download Transformer with it as well

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