Citrix Insight service: TaaS and Scout, reporting feature and feature request

Citrix introduced TaaS back in 2010 or 2011. It was a tool to debug your environment by collecting data, upload it to Citrix so they analyze it. I wrote some articles on it back then – Citrix Auto Support: Scout, Citrix troubleshooting done right and  Citrix Scout and TAAS, a golden combination . Wonderful tools to get a lot of data from your Citrix environment. In this short blog I like to show the reporter function in CIS as well as post a feature request. I got no direct link to anyone working on CIS anymore so this is the easiest way to post feature request. If you all retweet and post my blog perhaps it will end up in his timeline as well.


When you logon to Citrix Insight services you by default enter the Workspace tab, that is where all your uploads of customer environments are. There is “new” section as well and it is called Reports. So Today debugging a customer logon duration issue I used Scout and uploaded it to of course today named

It takes mere minutes for Citrix to analyze this, by the time I was logged on it was at 98%. So I opened the reports tap and was taken to the last upload. If you want to switch you have the option to do so in the top middle of the screen where it now says XenDesktop. You can select all your uploads from there.


As you see the numbers reflect the issues in certain areas and on the right side the issue summary is shown. It shows all the issues there with the category they are in, very handy overview. Below this is screen is a more detailed overview of the issues you are experiencing in the environment. By the way 2 out of 63 isn’t bad.. or was that a song from Meatloaf?


So here we see the issues reported, they are not really issues. seems my delivery controller is up for more than 2 months, I would say that is a wonderful thing. and sometimes my users get a Cannot start desktop. I understand that as this was running as a pilot before and just got live. This data will be from the old pilot phase mostly. So the issues are limited which is good. Still a very good overview and the reporting is good for managers and customer to show. You can use that in any report.

There is a possibility to export to a CSV or PDF but my feature request would be different.

Feature request

If we look at the report page or the workspace page it has all the nice details of an environment. Together with support we work with this to solve issues and make sure the environment is delivered spotless to customers. CIS

It would be wonderful if I could offer the customer a view on my workspace or report so they can see what is happening there. I’m sure the customer would appreciate that so that when I’m working on their environment, solving their issues with Citrix support that also feel informed and connected.

A simple “Share this as a view with…” button would be interesting. The customer would need to have a Citrix account of course but it would prevent the customer from also uploading the same dataset to have the same information as we do.

Of course the PDF and CSV are an option but again we like to work with the same information and be as open as possible to customers building on relationships.

So if you run into someone working on CIS, give them my address and I’ll try to convince them.


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