Citrix Removes Citrix.common.commands snap-in in XenApp 7.13 (SDK)

Citrix Removes Citrix.common.commands snap-in in XenApp 7.13 (SDK)

With the release of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13 something changed. Something that had a direct impact on 3rd party vendors. As most will know 3rd party vendors that want to integrate with Citrix made use of the SDK Citrix offered. So when something changes with the SDK it is no surprise vendors are impacted.  So with the 7.13 release some features were deprecated, the list of features deprecated is found right here – Removed features.

I was talking to RES software about this as that is one of the 3rd part vendors we use a lot in combination with Citrix and they noticed the issues. They will be releasing a blog later on but I thought I do a little write up here to inform you guys before the official knowledge base article comes out.

What was it used for?

From within RES One Workspace you had the ability to publish application in a Citrix farm, to a delivery group. RES One Workspace integrated with Citrix nicely up to 7.13 by making use of the SDK. The way that worked was that they asked customers to install RES One Workspace on a servers where the studio console was installed. This could be the delivery controller itself or a dedicated machine. The Citrix SDK was installed during the Full installer and so the integration was setup.

What changed?

As mentioned before the SDK is not installed anymore with the Full install and that caused that the integration was broken. Citrix has no plans on reverting this decision, 3rd party partners (nice partner Citrix is not telling your partners up front you are changing this).

How to solve it?

For customers the most important question is whether there is a solution. The good news is that the guys at RES software found a solution to this. Their customers can still integrate with Citrix even when using the 7.13 version. The following steps will make sure you can work with RES One Workspace and Citrix XenApp 7.13;

  • Download  the Citrix SDK from this location – Citrix SDK
  • Install the SDK on the machine where the full install of RES One Workspace has been done (full install)
  • Restart the console

After this the integration should work as expected.

The solution is simple but important for Citrix customers also using RES One Workspace that are going to upgrade to 7.13 soon. RES was fast with a solution, we are still in progress to inform customers about 7.13. So we’re still in time to make sure no issues arise.

Hope this blog helped you or will help you when you are using RES or perhaps a other 3rd party product that is also using the SDK.

8 Responses

  1. Webster says:

    What could RES possibly be using in that set of functions? I see nothing useful in that list.

  2. I believe that the only command from that set that worked was get-CtxIcon, this command is now present in the XenDesktop SDK that is installed in 7.13. The problem is where scripts/programs are specifically trying to load the common commands, which will now fail. This fix is not to try and load it (I believe).

  3. Steve says:

    He Rob I’m never able to get this to work. The SDK wants me to sign into the Citrix Cloud but my environment is on-prem. I’m on RES Core ver 10.1. If I just skip the cloud stuff and try the console and test connectivity to XenApp it doesn’t work still. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Steve says:

    I figured it out. Since I’m on prem, I have to use the XenApp 6.5 SDK and install that on my XA/XD Controller where the RES Console is installed. You do not need the full RES install with the agent and the console.

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