Citrix support for VMware VSAN 6

For a while now I’ve been looking for Citrix supporting VMware VSAN as it is a storage solution we see more and more at customers. The old VSAN version, 5.x was supported I think or at least there were no issues with it. So what is going on, is VSAN 6.x supported with Citrix Machine Creation Services?

Short answer is that it is not, it might work but it’s not supported.

They rushed to market and therefore didn’t have time to add the support in the 7.8 version. Adding support takes time for you need to test and test and double-check if everything is working as you expect it to. I don’t like the fact that the idea is there that fast release of version is a sign of innovation. fast release of version is something that makes customers nervous, they like stability with every half year, year a new release.


If you look at the communities you will see many issues that Machine Creation Services is having issues with VSAN where deployments fail and desktops with a GPU have issues. The combination of both Machine Creation Services and GPU are pretty common these days so the hurt if felt instantly.

There used to be a knowledge base article of known issues with VMware VSAN and Machine Creation Services, that was altered it now seems, which makes me believe they worked on the solution.

So latest news is that while it is not supported in 7.8 they will add support in 7.9

When is 7.9 coming out? I got a large customer deploying all named products and we can’t move forward without support and please do not release a version without the support. I look like an idiot in the boardroom at the customer site, I told them it was coming in 7.8 and we can move on with the project and now I got to walk in there and tell them it’s not.


There are no issues with Citrix Provisioning Services as we know of, that should work just fine. The issues are related to Machine Creation services only. It would be nice if Citrix would put out a paper with supported storage solutions and which of their products is supported there.

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