hopTo – Bring touch to Windows apps on Citrix, part 2: the client side

In my last blog, click here,I wrote about hopTo and how they deliver Windows applications that are published on Citrix to iPad and enable touch. If you are interested in how you set up the server side and how you enable the menu shortcuts for the application on iPad read my previous article on them. In this article I will show you how to connect from the client side.

Of course you need to install the app on the iPad.

After you installed the hopTo app on the iPad you need to connect the app to the Server side of the application. The app needs a few details to get going, you need to fill in;

  • IP address of the server where you installed the server side on
  • User account (normal user)
  • Domain  name



Once you filled all of these in you click on Sign in to connect to the Citrix environment. My lab has a self signed certificate so I get a warning that the certificate is a self-signed one. Of course I’m trustworthy  😉 and so I click continue.


Next up the app will connect to the server side. I included some pictures so you see the process it takes to connect. First it will initialize the hopTo Work Agent.


After the agent is initialized the session initialization is starting this will take a few seconds to complete.


Once both steps are completed we’re almost there, the last step is that the app is setting up the session. now we’re done and we can go to work.


First thing you see when you open the app after the session is setup is the file section of the app. Here you can browse your file and open them with a published Office application. We skip this part of the app, the cool new features are hidden under Applications.


Under Applications we find the Citrix published applications that we now see in the hopTo App. From the management console we assigned keyboard shortcuts to the applications. These applications will only have the keyboard shortcuts when started from the hopTo app, if you start them from the Citrix receiver you will have the applications but not with the keyboard shortcuts.



I included a more enhanced video from hopTo for my lab is not suitable to show the extensive possibilities they offer. I would do them wrong with my three button video demo. Here is a video from hopTo that show the complete possibilities, it’s a 6,30mins demo.

It’s a quick look at the product, if you read both articles you have a good idea of the possibilities. Take a good look at them we will see more of them in the future I think.

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