For a customer we are doing a project like a lot of you are doing, Citrix XenApp and  Xendesktop to enable a centralized virtual environment.

The customer asked us to make sure users can logon automatically so that they don’t have to enter their password more than once.

This seems to be a daunting task when you work with Citrix Reciever v13 as we noticed.


  • Citrix Receiver Enterprise
  • Citrix XenDesktop 5.5
  • Citrix XenApp 6.5
  • Citrix Web interface 5.4
  • Microsoft Windows 7

The products used are straight forward, no suprises so far.

The environment is setup and two desktop are published, one XenDesktop desktop and one XenApp desktop.

First we installed the Citrix receiver simple and easy through starting the MSI and following the GUI untill the installation was finished.

the screenshot below shows the version that was used for this test. it was downloaded the 17th of January 2012. We tested also with a other version that was available that was available in 2011, this was the version.

After the installation is finished you get the success confirmation.



When browsing to the website to get access to your desktop, you have to enter your credentials before you can get to your desktop. With XenDesktop the screen turns black for a moment and disconnects. With XenApp you just have to enter your credentials.


Then my wonderfull colleague Erik & Matthijs, who spent hours debugging this, found an interesting thing about the receiver.

When you install the receiver command line with all options specified, it’s behavior is different. Go Figure!!!

So when installing Receiver with the following command line, it suddenly operates like it should do.

citrixreceiverenterprise.exe /silent /ADDLOCAL=”ICA_Client,PN_Agent,SSON,Flash,USB,DesktopViewer” ENABLE_SSON=yes


When you logon after this passthrough is working and you only enter your credentials once.

Of course you still need to active “Local user name and password > Enable pass-through authentication” in the icaclient.adm policy but that not part of the issue.


There is more….Adaptive display

If you thought this was it, you’re wrong…. With the receiver installation their is one more odd feature that depends on the way you install it.

Some of you mst have noticed this when looking at HDX monitor in a XenDesktop environment, it always says “Adaptive Display” is disable or wrongly configured. The message is always, you misconfigured the policies, but no matter what you change it’ll never work.

For a while I thought it was my fault and I really misconfigured something in the policies. Then again when Erik & Matthijs were working on the passthrough issues he noticed something else.


After installing the receiver by Command line this message dissapears without any other changes. To test it, I installed one desktop with the non-functional receiver and one with a fully functional.

First I logged on to the non-functional desktop and I got the result show above, then I roamed my desktop to the fully functional desktop and instantly Adaptive display works.


It think it’s good to understand the how and why… I just hope Citrix will fix this…

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