Activate RES ONE Workspace Express behind a Proxy on a MAC

Just a short article about activating RES ONE Workspace behind a proxy server.

For you who don’t know, RES has a free version of RES ONE Workspace, it has unlimited named users but isn’t promoted that much. There are several reasons why they are not promoting it and why we don’t promote it at customers.

  • It has no support, which is pretty important in Enterprise environments
  • It is only basic UEM with no security, management and so on

Because of the no support most customers decline for this version, so why did I decide to deploy this one?

I was deploying a environment for a emergency environment (one used in case shit hit the fan somewhere in the world with health risks). This customer is a Linux fan, their environment is Linux only, expect the endpoints which are surprisingly Windows based.

I needed to deploy a VMware Horizon View environment there but one that would not integrate in their environment, it’s a network in a network. Initially they only bought VMware Horizon View but as the project progressed I was doing more GPO/GPP and scripts than healthy for any human to manage. So I decided to show them the power of UEM. first I added RES ONE automation to automate the golden image deployment, nothing strange there.

Next I deployed RES ONE Workspace Express, they first want to see if it is worth the money before they buy, so Express is the best way to do that. All scripts/GPO/GPP settings have been merged to RES as well as all profile settings. They now use no active profile and manage all settings through RES. The customer after a few days understood why UEM solutions are so useful. hopefully they will buy it also 🙂


Then after deploying RES ONE workspace Express you need to active the free licenses. With the Express edition a un-expected easter egg is there, you can’t activate through a proxy Internet connection. Of course that is no issue until you have a proxy connected Internet. Funny thing is that there is no way you just work around a proxy in a government environment so I was a little stuck there.


I’m on a four year project called “Having a CYO MAC book and figuring out if it will do for me” so I was thinking, how can I connect to the database over a LAN connection and activate the database without having to use the mandatory proxy connection.

Lucky for virtual machines for I realised that perhaps by adding a new network adapter and connecting that one to wifi would solve my issue. So that’s what I did, I shutdown my machine added a wifi connected network adapter and fired up my machine.

Once it was started I shared my Windows Phone Internet connection and connected my MAC with my Windows Phone. So now I had a LAN connection to the RES Database server and I had a Internet connection over WiFi through my phone.

One more thing I needed to do was to remove the administrative roles so I could connect with the console without being a domain member.


The rest is simple, it’s a matter of following the wizard, fill in the blanks and you have unlimited license for basic UEM.


It’s not rocket science but perhaps one day you wonder about something like this as well. Hope this helps someone some day.


p.s. and if you wonder why I didn’t backup/restore on a non-proxy server and revers that to get it activated? Well you can’t for it won’t keep the activated status, I guess there is a server name somewhere stuck in the database.

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