Breaking Workspace News: Ivanti acquires RES Software


Today the End User Computing world was rocked by the news that Ivanti acquired RES Software. As you might remember, last year LANDESK (Ivanti is a merge of HEAT and
LANDESK) acquired AppSense. Read my article on that right here – LANDESK acquires AppSense  and the analysis here AppSense and LANDESK, what do they bring to the market?  Today something unexpected happened, both User Environment Management solutions that battled for the market are under one umbrella. Of course other solutions also are available but they didn’t get the market schare they desired due to RES and AppSense.

RES Software

If we look at RES software we see a company that has a long record of offering software in the End User Computing field. RES Software was started in the lovely city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands back in 2002. They saw an opportunity as many customers where battling End User environments with logon scripts and roaming profile. The product line grew and their primary product, RES ONE Workspace, became a huge success in the Benelux.

RES Software expanded to other countries as they worked on expansion, the Benelux is a small for someone with big ideas like Bob (CEO of RES). Today they have 10 offices world-wide open, some small some large. In total over 250 employees in 10 countries work for RES Software. They got over 3500 customers, mainly in the Benelux.


If we look at the products they offered we see the following;

  • User Environment Management : RES ONE Workspace
  • Automation : RES ONE Automation
  • Service store: RES ONE Identity manager
  • Security: RES ONE Security

There are more names but they combine certain components into a piece. Core is a base version that is free, the Security option is another combination of modules. It’s a vast set of products that interact together to make a Workspace for our end users, secure, automated, managed and context aware.

Site: www.res.com


Ivanti is formed from the merge of LANDESK and HEAT. Back in January this merge completed. LANDESK was acquired by Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. LANDESK acquired
AppSense a year earlier.  AppSense was the biggest competitor of RES Software in the market. They were battling each other for the customer, AppSense was big in the US but lost ground there. RES Software was big in the Benelux and wanted to expand beyond that. I had meeting in both offices when we created the UEM Smackdown last year – read it here – and discussed differences. The world of User Environment Management has changed dramatically since VMware and Citrix offer it also.

After LANDESK acquired AppSense, LANDESK was acquired by Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. and it merged with HEAT. The outcome is a vast product line ranging from User Environment Management to Automation to Security and patching. Seems they offer a very similar portfolio to RES Software.


If we look at the products offered by Ivanti we see a number of categories and products;

  • User Focused
    • Device Management: Endpoint Manager
    • User Environment Management: Environment Manager
    • User Environment Management: Performance Manager
    • File management: File Director
  • Security Focused
    • Device Management: Patch for End Point / SCCM / Windows Servers
    • Application management: Application control / Application control for SCCM
    • Threat detection: End Point security for End Point Manager (under User focused)
    • Mobility: Mobile security
    • Account control: Privilege management / Privilege management for SCCM
  • ITAM Focused
    • Assets/license: Asset Management
    • Assets/license: Asset intelligence
    • Assets/license: License optimizer
    • Management: Datacenter discovery
  • ITSM
    • Service Manager
    • Service Desk
    • Service Management
    • Helpdesk

That’s a vast list and if you followed Ivanti a bit you know they are formed by companies that acquired functionality. Ivanti lately acquired Concorde Solutions a leading SAAS Software Asset Management solutions provider.

Site: www.ivanti.com

What’s next

Now we wait to see what of RES Software is interesting to Ivanti, which products or features did they want. Both vendors offers a lot of the same functionality so how this will be merged is to be seen. We might get the best of both worlds.. Let’s wait what they have in stock for us. If more is known a more in-depth analysis can be written.

See the interview about the acquisition, that gives an idea : video


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