Customizing the VMware Horizon Client sharing pop-up

A short article on how to customize the sharing pop-up that is displayed the first time when you start a VMware Horizon client and connect to a virtual desktop. The pop-up gives you the ability to tell the client what you want to enable from the local computer to the virtual desktop. The irritating fact is that when you have a thin client setup where every client is used by everyone this pop-up is shown every time. Wondering what it looks like, below is an example.


How is this managed?

The settings are managed in a prefs.txt file. The prefs.txt file contains the all the settings the user has configured, it will fill up and add the data when you configure it. If you have a local profile it will build up with your preferences, cool if you have a local profile. If you don’t you would get the pop-up every time, something you don’t want.



In the file you see a couple of settings that you want to manage

  • showPromptDlg which will control if you see the pop-up, this one is the most important setting to disable
  • shareHomeDirectory which controls if you share a local folder with the VDI desktop
  • allowAccessRemovable which controls if you can add e.g. a datadisk to the client and access it from the VDI desktop

So these three you need to customize along with some basic settings like the mruDomain but most of them are configured already with the installation of the client. Make sure you delete all the user info that is there when you first copy the file. Also change the username\appdata\roaming to %appdata% to make it generic.

The file is saved in %appdata%\VMware\VMware Horizon Client\ which is the local roaming folder for the user that is connecting, the file is created and updated on the fly which makes it hard to copy it to that place just in time.. in fact you can’t. So you need to get it in with the default user profile.

How do we get the file in?

We used RES ONE Automation to manage all the Thin Clients, we deploy them with Microsoft MDT and they only have an agent running so we can remotely control and install applications on them after the initial deployment. so we simply use a file copy command to place the file in the default user folder and when the user logs on their profile is created out of this and the file is there.


Once they start the VMware Horizon client the file is there and the settings are read, no need to customize it more. the user can change settings and they will reflect in the file but after logoff they will be lost… flex environment.

The result is the VMware Horizon client that startup and connects to a desktop without bothering the user with questions. Below is screenshot of the properties screen of that client, this is how you can configure it manually if you want to. if you want to automate, and who doesn’t, follow my steps described before.



Hope this article and steps will help you fix this in your environment, if you have questions please do ask.

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