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The proof of the pudding is in the tasting the saying goes. So after writing two blogs about a light board, – read part 1 here: and part2 here:, I thought showing it is only logical. This is a short blog, a very short blog with a bit of information that you might need when working with a light board.


A few tools I mention in the video that are useful I want to mention offline again. To clean the glass I have tested a number of things, from alcohol cleaners to degreasers and so on. I ended up with foam cleaning spray. I use that together with – yes really – toilet paper, to clean the marker off. after the initial wipe off I clean it with a bit more toilet paper and a cloth to get the smears off.

Pro Tip: if your LED light intensity is too high, smears will never go away.

You will never ever get the glass 100% clean, the minute you switch on the LED light it will look like you missed a spot. Don’t worry about that, you won’t see it while recording.

Proof of the pudding

I hope this blog series has helped you understand and like a light board. Hope to see many videos out there. It’s a different way of blogging I would almost say, more vulnerable (as you are on camera) but also interesting as you can explain things as you would to others.

One more tip, keep the length of the video short as no one is gonna sit through an hour video for anything. We’re not creating movies, we’re trying to educate and that works best with short periods of bringing knowledge. remember school classes, no one stays focused for a whole hour. Split your videos in short ones and keep them focused.


This is the end of the blog series, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did create it. any question, please do ask. I’m reachable here or on twitter as @robbeekmans.

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