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times are changingThe times they are a-changing was a song by Bob Dylan in 64, times are changing, this time for me. After nine years, and a bit, working for my current employer, it is time to move on. It’s not so dramatic as it sounds, people come, people go. I’m one of those. I started in IT somewhere around 1993 and worked in several companies doing a variety of things. Last 10-15 years I worked in End-User Computing designing workspaces and implementing them. Helping customer, wondering about where to go next, solving their challenge through workshops was a great way to work.


The past years I noticed that my joy in work was declining. I was doing what I did for too long and opportunities to grow were limited. That was the trigger to change things. Beginning of this year I decided the time is there, switched on the “I’m available” switch in Linkedin and waited for the recruiter storm. The storm arrived and I was overwhelmed by offers and if I would have accepted them all, my days would’ve been filled with talks. So I picked carefully, selected three companies that looked interesting.

Talks went well, received two offers ready to sign. Agreed on one of them and was all set to go for that job, Architect with a large consultancy firm. Doing what I like to do, write, present and educate others.

Where to go?

Life is what happens when you got everything sorted out they say and that is correct. After I agreed to work with the consultancy firm (had great talks there, wonderful people) I got to talk to someone else and one thing led to another. with two offers on the table, one talk going on and one agreement nights are rough. My head was spinning on what to do. Calling the one I agreed with is not really how I work, a word given is a word given. The days after that documents and so rolled in from the consultancy firm making things more official. I had to take action, it was them or not.

The new talk on the block was there only because of my blog, which was interesting as I put a lot of work in that the past years. So we get to talk and they mention that they might have an opening for me because of what I do on my blog I’m all ears. I decided to call of the consultancy firm. The decision fell hard on me but I went with my gut feeling. Things went rather fast and talks went great.

From the 2nd of April, I will join Citrix as a product marketing manager focused on XenApp and XenDesktop and competitors to understand what they do. My focus on EUC will not change, I will still be looking at all the major vendors just from a different perspective. Hope to see and talk to all IT guru’s on events this year. My blog will be filled with installation blogs and so on about things I tested and looked at. I’ll make sure you get your dose of tech from me 🙂


6 thought on “From the 2nd of April I’ll be joining…..”
    1. Yeah it is a move not everyone was expecting. Also one not planned but thing go as they go.
      This came on my path and it sounds very interesting.
      As written, I just look from a different angle.. that’s all

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