Get that Citrix Receiver account pop-up of my screen

I’m finishing a VMware Horizon project soon, been working with a customer since April to merge four organizations into one. Bumps and hurdles on our road but we’re almost there. The people in the organization have links to other organizations and for some reason they need access to those environments. Also we haven’t succeeded in merging all the applications yet, some are soo old they need to re-designed. For all these reasons users need access to remote environment. These remote environments are either Citrix (two of them) and VMware (two of them). So for the Citrix ones we needed a receiver in the image, but you don’t want the damn pop-up every morning as we deployed a VMware environment.

So our first task, one getting more importance every day, was to get this pop-up of the screen. I read some blogs about this but the information we gathered there was wrong. So I thought on writing a small article showing how we fixed this (together with my colleague @pvdnborn).

The pop-up

The pop-up you will see is the following:


The reason why you get the pop-up is because you tried to suppress the account creation of the Citrix receiver. Let me show you where you went wrong on how to fix this. It’s pretty simple but you need to change a bit. The one reason you get this message is that you installed the Citrix receiver with the following option ” /ALLOWADDSTORE=N”. This disallows for the wizard to run that would allow the creation of an account to finish.

You get the pop-up because you don’t allow this, the assumption with this installation is that you configured it some other way already. Here, in my situation, we use the receiver as a dumb client to help users connect to a remote environment, just reacting to a request when they logon on a web-page.

One other option you get to get rid of this pop-up is renaming some files but that seems like a non-working solution.


So to fix this you need to add the following key to the image you deploy, we used the Computer group policy we have running to set this for all VDI desktops.




This will allow the Citrix receiver to start popping up the wizard again. Of course we had to reinstall the Citrix receiver for this to happen but it is the best way. Next up is the user setting to suppress the wizard from popping up for the users. This is the other way around, not disabling the account creation through the install but disabling the wizard from showing up at logon.


Next up as mentioned before we manage the user environment to hold off the account creations. We use RES ONE Workspace for this and it inserts the registry settings at logon just in time to hold of the Citrix receiver account creation.



..and that’s how we roll… no more pop-up.


5 thought on “Get that Citrix Receiver an account is not configured pop-up of my screen”
    1. Had that once also, trying to think how we solved it there… it’s a two stepper, first you disable one part so you don’t get the pop-up and secondly you disable the info/error message.. let me think, I get back to you…

  1. This worked for me, but only after renaming the following files:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\Receiver\ConfigurationWizard.exe”
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\Receiver\ConfigurationWizardPlugin.dll”

    Rename into anything different.

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