LANDESK acquires AppSense

Just today was the acquiring of Appsense by LANDESK announced. Appsense is one of the big players in the User environment Management world, established in 1999. Appsense is known for the following products;


  • Environment manager
  • Application manager
  • Performance manager
  • DataNow
  • Insight

Some of the products are available under the suite DesktopNow.

LANDESK on the other hand is a management solution, you all know them for the ability to deploy machines, deploy applications and so much more. What many people don’t know is that they also offer a mobility solution and actually a product for the whole range in end user computing.

Why would they buy Appsense?

My guess is that to stay a major player the ever changing market you need to broaden your portfolio. Look at what VMware has been doing and you understand why they bought Appsense. Suddenly they are a major player on deployment, management, application control, mobility, data and user environment management.

Will this hurt RES or VMware?

It will change things a bit for now they have more options in the basket so when customers have to pick something they have will find more features in one basket. With VMware of course it’s a bit different as VMware just has one more egg in the basket that might just make it more interesting. all features are bundles in the Horizon license. for RES it’s different they will have to look if they are still competing on every aspect with LANDESK/AppSense. Interesting times, didn’t see this coming.

read the press release here.

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