A license change with Citrix Provisioning server with huge impact after upgrade to 7.8?

Citrix Provisioning Server

A license change with Citrix Provisioning server with huge impact after upgrade to 7.8?

A number of reports are coming in from different sources that Citrix has changed something in Citrix Provisioning Server licensing or working. The impact of this is that customers using Citrix Provisioning server datacenter license suddenly can’t use the product anymore after upgrading to version 7.8. This impacts the customers using the XenApp Advanced or Enterprise license as far as I know now. So something has changed, but what?

I did a quick search in the archive to see if this restriction was also there in 2015 already, did we all sleep and sell the wrong license? We always sold the Citrix provisioning server datacenter license as that was interesting in price for the customer offering streaming of all servers and desktops running in the datacenter. Citrix also advised this in several occasions in bids. Surprised is not strong enough when we notice that customers have issues after upgrading. The restriction wasn’t there in 2015.

Now in 2016 suddenly this license has changed and this one is there. That’s a change which would mean customers would need to upgrade their license. That’s one side of the medal, the other side is that after they upgrade Citrix Provisioning Server simply refuses it function because the license is not accepted.

Citrix Provisioning Server

It would have been nice if Citrix would have informed customers and partners that they would change something. Wondering how this is gonna be solved, hearing lots of customers of different partners impacted. For customers it feels like a pTAX.

Still looking for time to build it in a lab and do some testing to get some more information, hopefully this is solved before I get the time to do this.

If you have more information please share, want to know the size of this.. I think over here a lot of customers bought that datacenter license in those days.

I’ll keep you posted, keep me posted as well 🙂


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10 thoughts on “A license change with Citrix Provisioning server with huge impact after upgrade to 7.8?

  1. Hello Rob, have you more Information to this Topic? Is it as described? Have one Customer with Datacenter PVS Licenses running on 7.6 and want to upgrade to 7.11 (XenApp Enterprise)

    1. Hi,

      It seems that with the current code there is no more issue.
      We tried to recreate the issue but everything works now…. works technically.

      You still are not allowed to use the datacenter license for streaming PVS server 🙁
      Sorry to bring the bad messages…

  2. it seems that they changed the actual files you can download, we’re not sure what did happen but all of a sudden all the test we dit failed (we tried to break it of course)… Citrix acts like it never was there so we really don’t know, sorry… it disappeared.

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