NVIDIA M60 for Citrix XenDesktop; licensing issues due to MAC address change

With the introduction of the M series of NVIDIA also came a license model. Working for a customer today on a Citrix XenDesktop 711 environment (M60 Q1/2) we experienced something that I thought I need to share with you. We are running XenDesktop 711 to offer a AutoDesk ACAD environment for a company to has personnel world wide. We offered a pilot and used certain licenses here to test. The test was very successful and now we scale up to production. With that also we add the production licenses to the systems, NVIDIA is one of them. We changed the MAC address of the license server. During the pilot phase we had a manual configuration and now in production we will have an automatic configuration. The problem we had started with this change.

MAC change

NVIDIA works with a Tomcat service, installed automatically when you install the license server. When you have to change the MAC address Tomcat will fail to start. You will need to reinstall it. No issue of course, Tomcat is installed fast and your license server is up and running in a minute. Hold your horses, it is true it runs but you will experience a different issue.

Upload new license

Going to production also means you acquire a new license, assign it in the license portal and download the bin file. The license portal is a piece of work, I don’t like the way I need to assign a new license server there. When you change the MAC address of the license server you will need to register a new license server, so I did. After that and after downloading the bin file with the license the issue occurred.



Uploading the BIN file gave the following error: Capability response rejected: the response enterprise ID does not match the server instance.

I changed the MAC address, registered the license server, reinstalled Tomcat, reinstalled the license server and still the error occurred. I tried several things like deleting the program file NVIDIA folder and registry keys but the issues never went away.


Looking at the log you see the issue is there, tried a few times. Somewhere something is stored and reinstall is not releasing it. So I looked at it with Process monitor as I want the customer to work with Citrix XenDesktop.

The solution

I noted that there was a Tomcat executable in the NVIDIA license folder, I monitored the file while uploading the bin file. I noticed that the license server was talking to a database file in the Windows folder, in the ServiceProfiles\NetWorkService\FlexNetLS folder to be specific.



When you open the folder you see the following files, together these files hold the configuration of the NVIDIA license server.


So If you want to upload a new license file but you just changed the MAC address or any other reason something changed and you get this error, that a look at this folder. What I did was deinstall the license server and Tomcat, remove this folder and reinstall everything again. After that I uploaded the bin file and la voila successful.




It was a little search and the issue was not reported at the NVIDIA site so I thought this might be useful, hope it will help you.

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