Let’s start the year with a recap of the articles I wrote in 2017. In 2017 I wrote a number of articles that ended up in a series and there were a lot of articles about a range of topics. So let’s give an overview.

Tuning Windows 10 for VDI series

I wrote a series on tuning Windows 10. The last part, part 4, was written yesterday. Windows 10 was rather new in virtual environments and a lot was unknown in that field. We were deploying Windows 10 at customer and in a lab and thought it was a good idea to share our knowledge.

Windows 10 is evolving and things change. If you deploy Windows 10 take a look at what is changed before you go into production. There could be new services added not described here.

Securing your workspace series

At the technical conference, vEUCTechCon, that we organized with a couple of IT guys I presented about security and the workspace.  This series is about that session.



For a blogger, nothing can be more fun than hearing about an acquisition. Even more, fun when you hear some of that info before others do. So I heard some news through the grapevine and decided to write about it. My guess was right.

VMware Related

Citrix related


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