A recap of the tools in EUC as seen at #VirtualExpo

After our session at VirtualExpo I wrote four short articles about the tools we demo’d. These four articles are linked here to make it easier for you to find the information. What we tried to do in our session was walk through a tiny project where we assess the customer environment, package the application, deploy the application and in the end troubleshoot what is not working.

Our goal was to show you what is out there and how it can help you in projects. There are more great products, perhaps in another session someday somewhere we can deep dive in one tool more.

So which articles and tools did we talk about?

  • Assessment.vmware.com, systrack at VMware – link
  • Setup commander to package you applications with the right configuration – link
  • RES ONE Automation to deploy your applications and build the golden image – link
  • Process monitor to debug the application – link
  • Spy Studio to work along Process Monitor – link

For more information on assessment.vmware.com see previous articles I once wrote right here. It was written when VMware first released assessment.vmware.com. I was looking for a replacement of the RES tool to assess environments. This comes closest to what I needed.

  • Part 1 – link
  • Part 2 – link
  • Part 3 – link

Hope this helps you in your work or projects.

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