Resolved: Can’t sign in error Windows 10 LTSB 2016 – 1607

Beginning of October Microsoft released the new Long Term Release Branch (LTSB), the previous one was the 2015 build or 1511 as we all know it. The new LTSB version is the 2016 version or 1607. The new LTSB comes close to the anniversary version that they released around that time as the current branch.

I’m in a project where we have to decide what build to use, this is based on several factors. We need to have a stable version, stability is the most important factor in a project. Second comes features and unwanted features, with the current branch you get all the features you don’t want. No one want Edge and no one, really no one want any tiles in an Enterprise environment. Third and last we don’t want errors popping around.

So in this project we chose for the LTSB build as we didn’t want tiles and Edge, we want to control Windows and not wonder what tomorrow will bring. We started with the 1511 build or 2015 LTSB of Windows 10. Since a few weeks we’ve been looking at the 1607 build, the 2016 LTSB version Of windows 10.

All seemed fine building the golden image until we deployed a desktop pool and user logged on, 1607 had some nasty surprises… not that I’m surprised anymore having seen some build of Windows 10 that had a lot of crap in them… more consumer marker focused that Enterprise aware.

Error signing in

So the issue we saw was that we get an error after logging in and the option there was to dismiss or sign out. sign out of course is simple, you’re gone. Dismiss seemed to work but in the end Windows was not that functional anymore


So I was thinking what this could be… not that helpful error I think. Login to what? We didn’t change anything just upgrade the Windows build to 1607. Microsoft said they would never bring out a new version of Windows but in reality ever Windows 10 build since the first one is a new Windows version, so 1607 is Windows 19 or so as we experienced.

If you search the Internet you find two or three hits with this error and none have a workable solution, so we dig further. I thought that perhaps it was done to a User account that doesn’t have a online Microsoft account. Still not sure because why would you want the  user to logon to Microsoft online when they have an Enterprise VDI environment, not everyone has a Microsoft account, these are Enterprise users not your default dumb home users. anyway so I looked in the services console and found this little bugger.


Of course they have a service that will try to sign you in to Microsoft online, in the screenshot is is disabled already but this one was on. So with this service on windows 10 1607 will try to log each Enterprise user on to Microsoft online… users in this domain have been created last week (green field domain) no one has a microsoft account yet.


Resolution of the error is simple, disable the service and shutdown the golden image. create a new snapshot and recompose the desktop pool and all problems are gone. Hope this helps some of you also.


5 thought on “Resolved: Can’t sign in error Windows 10 LTSB 2016 – 1607”
  1. Thank you so much. Setting up a POC solution, I experienced the same on Friday. Came back to work on Monday, and the solution was given to me by e-mail. Perfect. One problem less to troubleshoot 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing the resolution of this error . Actually I was also facing the same issue and I am looking for a solution and now my search is over here. you show me the correct solution of this error . I have resolved this error by the help of your article. Thanks once again.

  3. Hi, Im sorry.
    But can you make the Resolution “for dummies” ?

    (Resolution of the error is simple, disable the service and shutdown the golden image. create a new snapshot and recompose the desktop pool and all problems are gone. Hope this helps some of you also.)

    The Golden image ?
    Why create at new snapshot?
    Recompose the desktop(log out and logg on user acount?)

    Best regards.
    Mikael Lustig

    1. Hi Mikael,

      No problem… sometimes going to fast in writing…
      When we deploy a virtual environment with a Windows image, so a VDI environment, you create base Windows image in a virtual machine.
      That virtual machine with that image we call the “golden image”. So it’s the base for all virtual desktops or VDI desktops that we create later on.

      see it as the WIM file you create in MDT or SCCM to deploy to FAT clients.. a base.
      With a virtual environment you then shutdown the golden image and create a snapshot.
      That snapshot you use to recompose (if you have a VMware Horizon environment) or a redeploy if you use anything else virtual.

      if you have a physical solution you don’t need to do all this, just create a base disable the service and deploy…
      Hope this helps… main thing is to get that service disabled.

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