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Setup Commander for who are not known with the product is a very cool product to streamline your application deployment. We discussed the tool once in a webinar and wrote a piece about it afterward. Read a short article here: Setup Commander. Setup Commander is your packaging and patch tool for Windows applications. It has the knowledge to remove all those unwanted features like auto-upadating of Java and more. Before we knew Setup Commander we used to have our own script and knowledge  how to prevent apps from updating or showing splash screen but now, just import the msi and run the wizard. No need to dive in yourself.

So that is Setup Commander is four lines but now they created something new, they added a VMware AirWatch connector.

VMware AirWatch connector

VMware AirWatch is the leader in the mobile device management field and therefore used to manage Windows devices more and more. At VMworld they announced even more Windows 10 integration. Setup Commander added a connector to AirWatch to enable you to update you Windows app catalog automatically. You can add Windows apps to the store but updating is an issue. Updating or changes to apps will mostly be a manual task. Adding new applications is certainly a manual task and with hundreds of apps that would be a burden.

As Setup Commander is the tool to create application packages and update application it is logical they now have a connector to VMware AirWatch. Using Setup Commander in combination with VMware AirWatch relieves you from you manual task. It also makes sure your applications are updated regularly and new apps are add with the right configuration ready to deploy.

Check out how this works in the following video


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