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UEM Smackdown, the team behind it

In a previous article I wrote about how I’m updating the UEM smackdown, if you want to read that article you can click the link.

I promised to write the second part of the article and present the team that helped me with updating the UEM Smackdown. In this article I will introduce you to the team of UEM expert in the community who have given up personal time to review products and work on the document.

As I wrote before both the community and the vendors have invested time in the document. The community did the review and edits in the matrix, the vendors did a final check on the matrix and provided the product description.  The process of creating this document is one of many meetings and conference calls, many e-mails and discussions on wording and features that one want to be checked and we want proof of. What is great about the community but also about the vendors involved were open minded about these talks and really helped make the document better.

The Team

Enough talk about that, now it’s time to introduce the team behind the UEM Smackdown. I will list them with a picture (you want to know who to talk to when you meet them) and their twitter handle. I didn’t include more details as some could be privacy related. You can contact all of them easy through twitter as that is the de-facto standard for communication.

hlaHayscen de LannoyjeremyJeremy MoskowitzigorIgor van der Burgh
ryanRyan RevordpvbPatrick van den BornshuSven Huisman
mariusMarius SandbujulienJulien SybillerobRob Aarts
erikErik BakkerseanSean Massey2012-09-21 23.28.33-1Mathias Kowalkowski
davidDavid SeamanneoNeo Crazy DadhenkHenk Hoogendoorn
Richardrichard KuipersgeofferyGeoffrey van der MolenPatrickPatrick Rouse

….and now you’re wondering, where is the smackdown?  Well it’s coming, it’s all there already and if everything goes like planned, Monday afternoon will be the release day. just a few more day 🙂

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