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User Environment Management (UEM) is used in more and more environments, virtual and physical. There are many solutions in the market that offer UEM solutions but it is hard to find differences between vendors for customers. To help customers with this search for a UEM solution we long time ago created the UEM Smackdown. Ruben Spruijt was the founder of this document, after he left PQR for Atlantis the document was not updated for a while.

In December last year I thought it was time to update the document. The UEM market has changed dramatically in the past two years, all vendors invested in adding features so that the gap between the large vendors (RES and AppSense) are closing.

If you look at the current market you see that RES and AppSense are still the big UEM providers but there are several other solutions that have bridged the gap for a bit or a bit more. The biggest change in the UEM market is of course the acquisition of Immidio by VMware and renaming it VMware UEM. They have worked hard to enhance the product where they recently, with version 9, added application control.

My goal with the document is not the find the winner, it’s not the see who has the best UEM solution.  The goal of the document is to educate customers about what UEM is, what you should think about when you select a UEM solution and more. There is no single “best” product in the market, depending on your scenario you are looking for a solution and in the UEM market one of the vendors will have that solution for you.

In the document you will read about all solutions (written by the vendors) and see all the feature differences in the matrix. Combined with your scenario and the requirements you are able to select the best product.

If you are interested in the document and you want to read it, click on this link. It will guide you to the PQR download page where you are asked for a E-mail address so we know who is downloading the document. You won’t be spammed by PQR, we are just interested in the numbers.  The confirmation mail you get is in Dutch but I’m sure you will find the link in the mail.

Hope you find the document interesting and useful.

We tried to do our best to be accurate but we are also people and people make mistakes.  If you find errors, and sure you will find errors, please let me know and I’ll make sure they are fixed in the 16.03 version coming in May.

Update: Release of 16.03 is scheduled for May the 24th 09:00 CEST




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