VMware Access Point – adding static routes

We are deploying a new VMware Horizon environment and with that comes remote access. We are merging four organisations to one and so from four locations people had to connect. As we didn’t have enough external IP addresses we had to built a double nat, jump over the water kind of DMZ for this. We deployed an Access Point there to get the basic functionality. But to get the customer to actually get a desktop we needed to add some static routes.

I thought perhaps a really short blog about this might help some. If you wonder how our drawing looked like, have some fun. Static


We deployed the VMware Access Point with a the fling, no issues there. As soon as the users would try to connect they would get an error.


At first you think simple routing somewhere but as we dug in deeper we realized it was our double DMZ double NAT setup that was not helpful. So we added a static route.

Adding a Static route

So you need to follow the next steps to add the routes and hope that you don’t have NSX running that will complicate some more.

  • Logon to the console of the access point with root
  • Open YaSt2
  • Add the routes

And you’re done… it works instantly. so now we have a script laying somewhere that if we redeploy we add the routes again. Sure once we get our real DMZ up we can forget about this… don’t like manual routes.



Enjoy the VMware Access point and the static routes

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  1. Great article. I have really enjoyed your article. You show how to add a static route . It is really helpful. Exactly the same thing i was looking for and now my search is over here .I have done by the help of your article .The way you explained each and everything is really great. Thanks for sharing.

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