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VMware Airwatch Express – MDM for the masses

Today VMware launched a new edition of VMware Airwatch, VMware Airwatch Express. In this article I will discuss what VMware Airwatch Express is all about and why I think it is a good idea to launch this.

Wouldn’t it be great if every company could have the ability to manage their devices, company owned or BYOD? For a lot of smaller companies the costs and complexity of a full blown MDM solution is a bridge to far. Mobile device management is such a core functionality that any organisation should have access to, to offer needed functionality these days.

Why is MDM a bridge to far?

You might wonder why is the VMware Airwatch Express edition needed, why aren’t organisations not deploying full blown MDM solutions? The simple answer is that;

  • The setup of a full blown MDM solution is thought to be complex and hard to do
  • Organisations don’t have the resources to maintain the devices they would manage
  • A full blown MDM solution is to costly

We can debate whether these points are valid points but if organisations think like this vendors need to find a solution to get them over the bridge so to say.

How is Airwatch handeling these concerns?

So at VMware Airwatch they notice that organisations have these concerns and they reacted, VMware Airwatch has addressed the concerns with;

  • Offering a cloud based solution, no more on-premises deployment, no more complexity
  • Easy-MDM, MDM based on blue prints so that you can easily setup and get started
  • Affordable, low pricing for a simple MDM solution so that every organisation can use it.

VMware Airwatch Express

Airwatch Express

So what is to this VMware Airwatch Express and what can you do with it? well let’s break it down in three blocks so it reads easy.

  • Zero Touch configuration
    • Asset inventory
    • App distribution
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • Email configuration
  • Foolproof security
    • Device encryption
    • Data loss protection
    • Remote lock and wipe
  • Easy to use Cloud
    • Easy setup
    • System integration
    • On-Demand support

Let’s dive into this for a bit.

Easy Setup

Concerns about complex setup and so on have been addressed by offering a cloud based solution where you answer a number of questions and that will do for the27 Jul 2016 10-24-51 setup. Blue prints have been created for your convenience and it will dramatically shorten time to deploy MDM. the blue prints can be created for different device configurations so if you have different scenario’s you create multiple blue prints.



App distribution

The other concern was application setup, you needed integration with all different app stores so that is covered also in this version. The VMware Airwatch Express edition has integration with Apple app store, Google Play store and
Windows store. You will have the ability to install apps automatically or on-demand from a customer app store.Airwatch Express


Wi-Fi and Email

VMware Airwatch Express offers easy Wi-Fi and Email setup. You don’t need to setup and configure for which devices these profiles are configured. The setup you create is setup for any device instantly. There is no integration with internal system or things like that configuration of Email is with ActiveSync and so on, just like they do it already on their devices. If you want more integration you need another license that offers it. This is a basic license for basic MDM.


VMware Airwatch Express offers basic MDM as I said before, but basic MDM also means some form or security otherwise MDM is kinda useless.Airwatch Express

So what is it offering, wel it is offering (not the complete list but an overview);

  • Set Passcode for user authentication
  • Enforce device encryption
  • Prevent screen capture and copy/paste of sensitive data
  • Locate device
  • Lock deivce
  • Wipe device if it is stolen


And of course as you expect, you can manage all of this from on console like you would do with a full blown MDM solution. In the console you can see the status of the devices, so security status or compromised devices are located easily. you can export reports for compliance if you want.


What if I need more

Of course VMware also realizes that some organisations might see the benefits of MDM after deploying the VMware Airwatch Express version. They might want to go for a full blown version. Well they have a couple of licenses, one with more features than the other, so depending on your needs it can be offered.

Airwatch Express

So the VMware Airwatch Express version is on the left and the further you go right you get more and more functionality. It’s a buy as you grow model so to say, the more mature the organisation becomes the more features you will need and use.


As a dutch men we tend to be very interested in pricing, we need a bargain. So I was pleased to hear that this offering is offered at $2.50 per device/per month. I think that is fair price for what you get offered. There is more to say about this, in the next article I will show you how to walk through the blue print wizard.


I think with offering an Express edition VMware Airwatch is opening up a new market for them that is very interesting. No organisation now can say that MDM is too pricey or to complex. It is MDM for the masses now and I think I’m adding my kids phones also in Airwatch, finally I can manage their apps and be the pain in  the….


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