VMware horizon 7.1 introduces JIT for Apps, vGPU for instant clones

VMware announced today that VMware Horizon 7.1 is coming and one of the big changes there is JIT for Apps. Even better the offering will be JIT for Apps or JIT for Desktops and that is offered in the delivery platform JMP or Jump. But there is more, there is also BEAT and JIT for apps, so let’s get started and Jump (sorry couldn’t resist) into the news.


First lets talk about Just In Time (JIT) as that is one of the most interesting developments in EUC for a long time. Of course JIT has been around now for a couple of years as an idea, a concept, a preview and a release but VMware is working on improving it steadily.

If you want to read more about where JIT is coming from, I like to refer to my previous articles;

With that information you know that since 2014 the’ve come a long way… not the fastest route but more a scenic route with a uncertain destination. Markets change and so are goals. Today they announce Horizon 7.1 with Just In Time Apps and Desktops.

Just In Time Apps and Desktops is combined in the delivery platform called JMP which from here on will be called JUMP on the street.


So with JMP you have the ability to delivery applications and Desktops very very fast. Previously that option was already there for desktops but now also RDS hosts with published applications will get that option. What does that mean?

Scenario 1: You have a user environment where you publish applications through a RDS host and you have an SLA that dictates you need to be able to accommodate 1000 users. Sizing showed that you need 50 hosted servers for that, so they are running. When one or more go down extra resources need to be powered on. Unlike other solutions where administrators need to power on extra servers, with JIT you can automate this and make sure x number of RDS hosts are always available for your users.

Scenario 2: You want your RDS host environment to grow and shrink with the number of users connected so not wasting energy and still making sure enough resources are available for users. JIT offers just this, grow or shrink your farm as user numbers vary. This is called Elastic mode.

The thing I like about instant cloning or Just In Time delivering is that it is so fast… no more need to deploy # of desktops or hosts just get one ready and deploy on the fly.


The offering they will announce today has the following to offer:

  • Instant clones
  • Published apps
  • User Environment Manager
  • App Volumes
  • vSphere to run the lot on.


Instant clones for VMware Horizon Apps (RDS hosts) is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows 2008R2
  • Microsoft Windows 2012
  • Microsoft Windows 2012R2

Horizon Cloud

Next announcement is Horizon Cloud which effectively is a rebrand of the Horizon Air Hybrid mode offering they had before. I think Horizon cloud is easier to understand for people. So with Horizon Cloud you can deploy your VMware environment on supported hardware in your own datacenter, called on-premises or you can let VMware take care of it in their Cloud.


VMware Horizon Cloud is offered in two licenses

  • Named user
  • Concurrent user

As mentioned before it can run on supported hardware in your own datacenter, some of the vendors are mentioned in the picture below. Also Atlantis is being worked on we have been told so if you run that you need to be a little patient.


The poster you will see often in the near future is the poster shown below. With VMware Horizon Cloud you will get

  • VMware App Volumes
  • VMware Instant Clones
  • VMware User Environment Management

You can deploy on-premises or in the cloud, offered by VMware and your users get an all-in-one package.


More info will follow soon I guess.


One of my least favourite artists had a song with Beat in it… so let’s move on quickly.

We had Blast, next came Blast Extreme and now VMware is introducing BEAT. I’m pretty sure some day we have a quiz where we have to put all the names in the order of appearance.. So learn here and be the winner there. BEAT improves on several areas;

  • Adaptive bit rates for connections where latency and connection stability varies.
  • Latency optimization for high latency connections
  • Packet-loss optimization again for sub-optimal connections



VMware is working hard to keep up with the needs of the users as they demand more stability and performance over various connections. With the Skype for Business Preview coming out more demand will be there on good performance from a user perspective. I’m interested to see what they improved and how this will work out… got several customers that will want this asap.

Skype for Business Preview

As I wrote earlier VMware despite others saying was also working with Microsoft to offer Skype for Business plugin for the users. I wrote a bit about that a while back, you find the article here – link – now we will see the tech preview coming out and soon I hope the GA of the plugin. As you can read in my other article the plugin will take the load of the VDI desktop and process your conversation and chat on the client you are working from.

Multi VLAN

Something that I like a lot is that you can assign multiple VLANs instead of just one from the Administrator console with version 7.1. In the current version when you need your desktops to run in more than one VLAN you need to deploy the pool with a script. There was no way in the administrator console to do this. I’m not a GUI fan but from a management perspective this is way better.

vGPU for instant clones

Another announcement is that with version 7.1 you will have vGPU support for instant clones, this is a major improvement. now we really can deploy a pool the way I want them, fast and mean.

There are more details about the announcement but this is what is coming in a nutshell. When more details come out I will write about it to keep you posted.

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