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VMware Horizon 7, announcements

It’s that time of year again, VMworld 2016 started. This time is Las Vegas Nevada and the first session I visited was about VMware horizon 7, Deep dive what is new. I think the deep dive was not that much there but Graeme gave a good explanation of the important features and it was a good session for most people in the room. on Tuesday, today, the new features were announced in the keynote. this article will show you in a swift way what are the main announcements.

The announcements are not amazing but are more in line of some of the expected features. Let me give you a quick walkthrough, if you want to  know more the VMware site is the best source for this. Let’s start with the VMware Horizon 7 innovations.

VMware Horizon 7 innovationsVMware Horizon 7

The innovations announcements are based around the following topic;

  • Blast Extreme
  • Horizon RDSH
  • Horizon Clients
  • Horizon for Linux

Blast Extreme

So what is announced for Blast Extreme with VMware Horizon 7? The announcements are improvements to what was released earlier and again was stated that PCoIP is not going anywhere soon. Still find it doubtful to invest in two protocols but if they can see the value there I let it go. The improvements in VMware Horizon 7 Blast Extreme are;

  • Expanded client support
    • Over 60 Thin/Zero clients are supportVMware Horizon 7
    • Thin/Zero clients from HP, Dell, iGel, 10ZiG, Fujitsu and Atrust
  • Improvements in 3D GPU support
    • Now supports the NVIDIA K1, K2, M6, M10 and M60 graphics cards
    • Leverage the H.264 encoder option on GRIP GPU to lower CPU consumption.
    • 6 to 13% better Frames Per Seconds (FPS)
    • 18% higher scalability
    • 27-51ms lower latency
    • and deliver 4K resolution displays
    • Support for Intel Skylake GPU (vDGA)
  • Improved bandwidth optimisation
    • Opus audio enhancement reduce audio usageVMware Horizon 7
    • Reduced JPG/PNG bandwidth
  • Improved bandwidth management options
    • Dynamically apply configuration settings
    • H.264 encoder quality levels
    • audio quality controls
    • Smart bandwidth cap per user
  • WAN optimalisation
    • Riverbed Steelhead and VMware horizon 7
    • Addresses bandwidth and latency through
      • deduplication
      • compression
      • TCP/IP optimization
  • vRealize operations for VMware Horizon 7 with blast Extreme
    • adding Blast session statistics
      • Round trip latency (RTT)
      • Encode Frame Rate (FPS)
      • Protocol TX Bandwidth (Throughput)VMware Horizon 7
      • Estimated Bandwidth
  • Smart policies in UEM
    • Smart policies in UEM now also allow you to select Blast Extreme as a protocol.

Horizon RDSH

Also with VMware Horizon 7 RDSH saw some improvements , not as many as with Blast Extreme but a fair deal. if we look at the work over the years it shows an impressive list.


VMware Horizon 7

So the announcements around RDSH are;

  • RTAV
    • Deliver real time audio and video with RDSH applications and desktops
    • Webcam and audio support on HTML access
    • Clients:
      • Windows
      • Linux
      • macOS
  • Generic USB Redirection
    • simplifying USB Peripherals
    • Windows 2012R2 and above is supported as RDSH server
    • Windows clients are supported
    • Supported devices

VMware Horizon 7

  • Parameter Passthrough for RDSH apps
    • Passthrough the parameter to RDSH appsVMware Horizon 7
    • Support for URI and command line
    • Available on windows and macOS clients
    • Launch apps with dynamically generated parameters
  • URL content redirection for macOS
    • Redirects contents from remote session to macOS device
    • Support HTTP, HTTPS, CALLTO and MAILTO
    • Support both Blast Extreme and PCoIP
    • Support both VDI and RDSH
    • Offloads to client device, content is still gathered from the Server/VDI

So if we look at the VMware Horizon 7 improvements they’ve done a good job here. With horizon 6 they were still behind Citrix a lot but now with version 7 they are moving closer.

VMware Horizon 7


Windows Clients

So if we look at the Windows client support and improvement we see some changes.VMware Horizon 7

  • Support for Windows 10 anniversary update as client OS and VDI Desktop
  • Support for Windows 10 LTSB as VDI desktop
  • Support Windows 10 Pro as VDI Desktop
  • Ready for Windows server 2016 as VDI desktop and RDS Server

Other improvements

Further on there are a few improvements that are worth mentioning

  • Flash redirection
    • redirects flash content from server to the client to rendered locally
    • Supports server-side fetch of Flash content
    • Windows only
  • Windows media redirection
    • Support for Window 10 for VMware Horizon 7 RDSH
    • Support for Windows server 2016
    • Windows Media player only
  • Windows Media MMR with Linux based thin clients
    • Redirect the remote Windows media
    • Build on top of Gstreamer framework
  • Improved client drive redirection
    • Faster access to file and directory listing
    • Uses Blast virtual channels
    • Optimized for extreme connections
  • DPI synchronization
    • Send Client DPI settings to remote sessions
    • Remote contents can be pixel to pixel in 4K displays
    • Windows native client only
  • Enhanced clipboard
    • Increased clipboard size to 10MB
    • Support for clipboard formats with Microsoft Office Applications
    • Policies to allow admins to set up rules for redirection
    • bidirectional
    • Policy includes text, rich text and images
    • Requires VMware Horizon 7 client 4.1 or later
  • Support mapping one certificate to multiple accounts
    • Allow users to have one smart card, one certificate on that smart card and map to multiple users
    • Horizon 7.0.2 or above
    • Access point 2.7.2 or above
    • All native clients supported
  • Various client support, Windows, Linux, etc etc

VMware Horizon 7 for Linux

Some improvements in the Linux stack are;VMware Horizon 7

  • H.264 software encoding for Blast
  • Managed Virtual machine with manual dekstop pool
  • Automatic deksop pool with full clone

And if we look at the progress made here that is impressive. We don’t see that many customers asking for it but some do.

VMware Horizon 7


There is more to tell but for now I think this gives a good overview of what is announced.

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