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In one month VMworld 2017 will be held in Las Vegas, conference like this are overwhelming when you experience them the first time. This blog is here to help you be prepared when you walk in Mandalay conference center. This year the conference will be held in Las Vegas for the second year in a row, The Mandalay hotel is the playground. VMworld is the conference of VMware, if you are wondering what VMware offers please look at their site which is found here – VMware.com In the previous blog I wrote about the preparation and my session pick for VMworld. This blog will be about what is to see in Las Vegas, what to expect at VMworld and more like that. This part is about the sessions at VMworld, I made a small selection of them.
 VMworld 2017


This blog will consist of several parts, this blog is about the sessions of interest.

Artificial intelligence, big data and Machine learning

I’ve looking for AI session as that is something that has my interest. If I was to start in IT today it would be in AI, if I was a youngster this is where I’d look. AI, big data, VMworld2017machine learning, security and perhaps containers that is what will be hot in the coming years. We’re done deploying environments, been there done that. You can’t make sexier just easier to deploy. Cloud is a hot topic now but lets face it, Cloud is not something that amazing, it’s how we will offer functionality to users that is interesting. moving from legacy virtual machines to containers, sites or whatever is on the horizon. So far I found two session in the catalog but I’m still looking.

  • FUT1939BU: Artificial Intelligence at VMware: Using Advanced Analytics as a Digital Transformation Catalyst
  • VIRT2274GU: Group Discussion of Virtualizing Big Data and Machine Learning

Moving forward with applications and cloud

Like mentioned we need to move forward and break the chains of the legacy application vendors, there are many opportunities once we are free so let’s dive in and see what is available.

  • CNA1298SU: Cloud Native for Today and Future: Strategy for Modernizing Apps, Microservices, and Server-less 
  • LDT2835BU: Preventing Public and Private Cloud Lock-In 
  • VIRT2211BU: Automating NSX for Virtual Machines and Containerized Applications 


Of course a large section is about workspace, still what we see most at customers.Not sure if I will plan all session as I think 90% is known already. I think if you are new to VMware and their Horizon stack these sessions are good once to attend.

Horizon 7.x

  • ADV1594BU: Beyond the Marketing: VMware Horizon 7.1 Instant Clones Deep Dive
  • ADV1604BU: Building a Multicloud Strategy with Horizon Cloud Service
  • ADV1609BU: Deliver Any App, Any Desktop, Anywhere in the World Using VMware Blast Extreme
  • ADV1595BU: Horizon Cloud On-Premises Infrastructure: Deploying the Hybrid Cloud Desktop
  • SPL185109U:Horizon 7.1 Security – Advanced Topics
  • ADV1593BU: Horizon Apps and JMP: Technical Deep Dive 

Workspace ONE

  • ADV1591BU: Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps via the Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon
  • SAAM2197BU: Deployment Deep Dive: Best Practices and Troubleshooting of Workspace ONE


  • ADV1607BU: Delivering 3D Graphics Desktops and Applications in the Real World with VMware Horizon, Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport, and NVIDIA GRID


Mobility was hot and is I think a little colder today, we don’t focus on mobility anymore but more on the global unified management possibilities. So just two session about mobility.

  • UEM2217BU: The Latest Innovations from Google and VMware AirWatch in the Enterprise
  • UEM2217BU: The Latest on Android and Chrome OS with VMware AirWatch in the Enterprise 

Security & Privacy

Security is the topic of 2017, you can’t attend a conference without being hit over the head with a security keynote. I’m focused on security for a while now and with GDPR coming closer the topic changes to more than security but also compliance. Everyone doing business with the EU at some level will be impacted so I think it is good to hear what to take care of and to hear from the experts.

  • GRC2385BU: Building a Unified Security and Compliance Risk Framework in a Hybrid Cloud WorldVMworld2017
  • ADV1587BU: NSX + VMware Horizon: A Security Architecture for Delivering Desktops and Applications with VMware
  • UEM1900BU: Balancing Security and End-User Experience in the Age of Cybersecurity
  • UEM1409BU: End-User Privacy: The Foundation of a Successful BYOD Campaign
  • SIE3195BU: Why Identity Management and Enterprise Mobility Are the First Steps in Securing Users, Endpoints, and IoT 
  • GRC3109PU: Data Privacy, the GDPR, and the Globalization of Compliance

Group / Panel discussions

Group panel discussions are very interesting, no death-by-powerpoint but a topic and you have the chance to say your say. One group discussion I look forward to is the least privilege one as that not only should count for cloud but anywhere.

  • ADV1605PU: Ask the Experts: Practical Tips and Tricks to Help You Succeed in EUC
  • ADV1516GU: Let’s Chat About Citrix on VMware 
  • GRC2226BU: Operate Clouds at Least Privilege
  • UEM1359BU: Best Practices in Migrating Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • FUT1281PU: Ask the Experts – Titans of Tech



Last but not least the future, always nice to see so future predictions.

  • FUT3025PU: VMware CTO Innovation Panel: What’s Next?
  • FUT2634PU: Big Data for the 99% (of Enterprises)
  • ADV1608BU: Modernize Management with JMP Technologies in VMware Horizon and Take a Look at Where We Are Headed

This is my list but not necessarily my agenda, I’ll pick carefully as I don’t want to waste time in room listening to thing I already know or things less interesting for the future while I could be meeting peers or walk the floor.

Next to the keynote on Thursday which I think is a reason itself to visit VMworld there a more keynotes during the days. The major keynotes of course but also a security and EUC specific keynote that sounds very interesting.

  • EDW7002KU: Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces
  • TS7003KU: Transforming Networking and Security for the Digital Era

There are more keynotes on different topics but these are my go to for this VMworld.

Enjoy VMworld and hope to see you there, I’m the guy with the Citrix bag so you can’t miss me.

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