Legacy apps, traditional apps – The box of Pandora is open

Buzzwords, society is filled with them. Buzzwords can cause confusion as not everyone agrees or understands them. I too use buzzwords. Often because they are handy with a 280 character limit on Twitter. I was caught in a discussion after tweeting that I hoped legacy apps will die out soon. I triggered a discussion by using …
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The year(s) of VDI, DaaS, IoT, AI, ML, Women in IT or…..

“The year of” nominations are a yearly hot topic. VDI has been named for several years but did it get chosen? What was the hottest topic in 2018 at conferences and what will 2019 be the year of? Want to find out more, read my short article about this.

Microsoft acquires FSLogix to enhance Office365ProPlus

 Microsoft announced Windows Virtual Desktop at Microsoft Ignite. A few weeks out and the world has changed already. Microsoft acquired FSLogix to fill a couple of gaps. As you might remember FSLogix was one of the partners mentioned during the sessions. Read the Microsoft announcement here: https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2018/11/19/microsoft-acquires-fslogix-to-enhance-the-office-365-virtualization-experience/ The FSLogix blog of the announcement is found here: http://blog.fslogix.com/fslogix-joins-microsoft …
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Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, An Azure only Windows offering

Last week at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD shortened. Microsoft was working on a multi-user version of Windows 10 for some time. Among community members, the rumours about how and what,¬†were swirling. I don’t think that many expected Microsoft to step into the multi-user business like they did last week. This …
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Beware of the catch-22 when setting up Google security

This morning I went to a party my daughter had organised the day before. Lot’s of youngsters, teenagers and students, around with their mobiles. Party went on all night long and when I arrived to were cleaning up. A few of the young guys were wandering around looking and asked for a computer. As I …
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