VMware View – PCoIP SSO bug

Hi, Last week we discovered a bug in VMware view. It’s a security breach in the PCoIP protocol that allows any user to override security of locked VMware View desktops. This only happens when using the PCoIP protocol and happens with the 4 and 4.5 version. We’ve tested this in several environments, at customers and …
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LiquidwareLabs ProfileUnity – Part2

Hi,As promised, more info on ProfileUnity.Before the first part was published I contacted LiquidwareLabs to verify my findings, it’s only fair to check with them.They pointed me to something I wrote about the filter they use to control which user gets which configuration.  At first I thought all configuration settings are in one view, they …
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Liquidwarelabs Profile Unity

LiquidwareLabs Profile Unity In my line of work with PQR, I’ve come across several products that are used to manage a user environment. Some of them manage the user environment, others manage the user profile and only a few offer both. Profile Unity offers both, in this article I’ll discuss ProfileUnity and give my opinion. …
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User settings for VDI/SBC environments

In new environments we don’t want to use old style profiles, we use some kind of zero profiling technique is possible To be able to do this we have to make sure user settings are preserved correctly. The following list will provide with several useful settings. The list will grow, it’s just a beginning for …
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ThinApp – AppSync explained

APPSync Explained As most of us know APPSync is the updating mechanisme of ThinApp. It will check with every launch of the application if an update is available on a webserver or a network share. Just came across a video where they explain AppSync in detail. Check it out: APPSync