Citrix Excalibur, Technical preview – review

Citrix Excalibur, Technical preview – review Citrix is moving forward and really pushing to integrate all components of application and desktop delivery into one solid framework. With the technical preview release of Citrix Excalibur they made a huge step in that direction. This blog will guide you through the process of setting up a basic …
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Remote management via WinRM

Remote management via WinRM Working with the Desktop director we are setting up remote management for the helpdesk. For this WinRM is needed and needs to be configured. WinRM works fine when you’re a administrator, when not there are challenges. Read more about WinRM and remote support in this blog. Challenge The challenge we faced …
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Citrix CloudGateway Express (StoreFront), Installation and application publishing

Citrix Cloud Gateway Express (StoreFront) Last year at Synergy Citrix Cloud Gateway was presented. Cloud gateway is the new Web portal from Citrix that provides more possibilities next to just publishing apps and desktops. Should have written this blog last year (had half of it ready then but never published it) so here you go, …
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Citrix Auto Support & Scout, Citrix troubleshooting done right

Auto Support & Scout, Citrix troubleshooting done right Citrix troubleshooting has grown up, a new tool and a new method will provide customers with an easy way to solve their issues, learn how in this blog. Citrix Auto Support has been announced at Synergy 2012 in Barcelona, Auto support is the name for the product …
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Breaking Citrix XenApp Client side rendering

Breaking Flash client side rendering Working on several projects at once you encounter many different issues that are interesting to investigate. Some of those issues however seem to be unknown to Citrix so far. The issue I’m describing below is one of those, when “googling” you find only a few hints towards the same issue …
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