EdgeSight for XenDesktop

Not being a true Edgesight guru I’m faced with more and more implementations where Edgesight is used to monitor both XenApp and Xendesktop. So again I had to implement EdgeSight for XenDesktop at a customer site, I thought let’s put it on paper and share it with you all. Site information: – Edgesight is version 5.4 …
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Passthrough, Adaptive Display & Citrix receiver v13

For a customer we are doing a project like a lot of you are doing, Citrix XenApp and ¬†Xendesktop to enable a centralized virtual environment. The customer asked us to make sure users can logon automatically so that they don’t have to enter their password more than once. This seems to be a daunting task …
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XenClient 2.1 a usability review

Whilest working on the PQR smackdown I will write a small update about XenClient 2.1. I’ve installed XenClient 2.0 about a month before going to Citrix Synergy in Barcelona, the reason for this was to gain knowledge about the product. I was expecting a lot of sessions and discussions about XenClient and didn’t want to …
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Citrix XenClient – usability test

Citrix XenClient This blog is a experience of working with Xenclient in real life. I decided, after having the possibility, to switch to Xenclient a month before Synergy to experience it and get some valuable info to share.Since today, 09-09-2011 I’ve switched from old school bare metal windows deployment on my work related laptop to …
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