VMware vShield for Endpoint & TrendMicro Deep Security

VMware vShield for Endpoint & TrendMicro Deep Security Implementing new technology can be tricky, during a project we encountered some strange behavior with VMware vShield for endpoints & TrendMicro Deep Security. At first we were in the dark about the whereabouts of issues we were experiencing. the issues we noticed were performance related.  Logon times …
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Sharing applications with Citrix XenClient

So here we are again, today I had some spare time that I filled with working on the CSDV smackdown… I decided to setup my demo DELL laptop and share some applications between virtual machine, because who doesn’t want to do that in their spare time….. The documentation about sharing applications is minimal, from page …
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XenClient 2.1 a usability review

Whilest working on the PQR smackdown I will write a small update about XenClient 2.1. I’ve installed XenClient 2.0 about a month before going to Citrix Synergy in Barcelona, the reason for this was to gain knowledge about the product. I was expecting a lot of sessions and discussions about XenClient and didn’t want to …
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Citrix XenClient – usability test

Citrix XenClient This blog is a experience of working with Xenclient in real life. I decided, after having the possibility, to switch to Xenclient a month before Synergy to experience it and get some valuable info to share.Since today, 09-09-2011 I’ve switched from old school bare metal windows deployment on my work related laptop to …
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