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State of End User Computing market 2016 (UEM)

State of End User Computing market 2016 (UEM) If you woke up from a two year sleep and took a look at the End User Computing market right now September 2016, you’d be surprised. A lot of the well known vendors in the End User Computing market areĀ acquired by others these days, the smaller ones …
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UEM Smackdown v16.02

UEM Smackdown v16.02     User Environment Management (UEM) is used in more and more environments, virtual and physical. There are many solutions in the market that offer UEM solutions but it is hard to find differences between vendors for customers. To help customers with this search for a UEM solution we long time ago …
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Liquidware labs Flex Apps- Micro isolation

Liquidware labs FlexApp – Microisolation Liquidware labs recently launched a new feature for their FlexApp product, micro isolation it is called. Micro isolation in short is away to differentiate between applications and file requests. In this article I’ll tell you a bit more on the why and how. Quick history lesson I’m an old guy born in the …
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Comparing Liquidware Labs Profile Unity with FlexApp to VMware App Volumes

Comparing Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity with FlexApp to VMware App Volumes  There a couple products on the market these days that offer application provisioning without installing the application in the image (excluding application virtualization). With many solutions it’s the big guns getting all the attention and the rest is fighting for attention. The best solution isn’t …
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Service Center end to end monitoring

Service Center end to end monitoring Last weeks I’ve been busy with eG Innovations at several customer sites for Proof of Concepts or troubleshooting. With all the implementations we gather more data and have access to more and more interesting screenshots that show you why eG Enterprise is a great tool for end to end …
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