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Liquidware Labs Profile Unity version 6 coming up!

Liquidware Labs Profile Unity version 6 coming up! Just had a conference call with Liquidware labs about their upcoming release of LWL Profile Unity version 6. We’ve had the calls regularly for they want to update us so that we understand the features and can value them in our UEM Smackdown. In this short blog …
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Migrate your Outlook 20xx profile to 2013

Migrate your Outlook 20xx profile to 2013 This blog will show you an easy way to migrate your Microsoft Outlook 20xx profile from any version below 2013 to Microsoft Outlook 2013 with RES Workspace Manager and Liquidware Labs Profile Unity. The reason that a customer asked me to look for a fix is that their …
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Creating a mandatory profile

Creating a mandatory profile This blog will show you how to set up a mandatory profile and how to use it with a UEM product like RES Software of Liquidware Labs Profile Unity. There are more blog like this, personally I like the blog from Robin Hobo a lot, so here that link. http://www.robinhobo.com/how-to-create-a-mandatory-profile-with-folder-redirections/ I …
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Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity, a quick look

Liquidware Labs Profile Unity There are many User Environment Management solutions on the market these days, some large and some pretty darn small. Most of us have a favorite one that we recommend to all our customers. I’ve been working with some in the past years and thought I have to try one that is …
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