Windows Server 2019 with no RDSH and Windows 10 Multi-user and even RDmi, where do we go?

A good buzzing timeline in the morning is what makes my day, rumors, stories is what I need for breakfast. The newest rumors and stories in my timeline suggested that the RDSH role is depleted in Windows Server 2019. Windows Server 2019 is a preview version just released. Some are installing it and they find …
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Data protection laws in action, Microsoft breaches law with Windows 10

In a couple of months the world will have to deal with the European GDPR law. Many companies have not even started working to comply with that new law. I even heard stories of companies wondering if they could move data outside Europe to evade the law. Next to this law there are several other …
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Cloud workspace solutions: A 1st look at Citrix cloud – XenApp Essentials

The workspace world is moving to the Cloud or at least making moves to do so. Citrix like others also offers a Cloud solution for your workspace. Citrix partnered with Microsoft to offer Cloud services to customer. In this blog I will talk you through Citrix XenApp Essentials, one of the offerings offered by Citrix …
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Microsoft stops with CB/CBB and moves forward with semi-annual channel (SAC), impacting businesses.

Microsoft stops with CB/CBB and moves forward with semi-annual channel (SAC), impacting businesses. Playing a game is fun but not when someone changes the rules while playing it. Microsoft did just that, they changed the way Windows 10 is released and it will impact the game hugely. Until now Microsoft had a release schedule with …
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Tuning Microsoft Windows 10 Part 0: Which version/build do I use

My series on Microsoft Windows 10 starts with an article about Windows 10 builds. When designing a VDI environment these days you need to decide whether to use Microsoft Windows 7, 8.x or 10. This is hard as the customer wants a new version to make sure they are ready for the future. you as …
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