Microsoft Hyper-V Howto copy files to your Guest vm?

Howto: Copy files from your workstation to your Guest vm Powershell and Hyper-V go hand in hand, learn more about an easy way to create a VHD file and connect it to your virtual machine in this blog. Where I came from A few weeks ago I decided to start with Microsoft Windows 8, the …
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Skydrive pro and sharepoint once again

Names or numbers? A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the integration of Microsoft Office 2013 and Sharepoint. Although I wasn’t thrilled about what Microsoft came up with, it seemd to do the job. Now a few weeks down the line I more and more realize that this setup ain’t gonna work. I might …
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Experiencing Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8 Microsoft has launched it’s newest operating system, Windows 8. Windows 8 is the successor of Microsoft Windows 7 which is being used worldwide next to Microsoft Windows XP. Microsoft hopes that companies will adopt Windows 8 and roll it out to all users in their organisation. The adoption of Microsoft Windows 7 has …
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Microsoft Office Excel 2013 and Sharepoint integration

Microsoft Office Excel 2013 and Sharepoint integration I work a lot with Microsoft Sharepoint, it keeps my files in a central place and gives me the opportunity to reinstall my laptop any time I like.  So with a co-worker we are working on a document that is stored in the MySite folder of our Sharepoint …
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SkyDrive Pro, Syncing Office 2013 with Sharepoint 20xx

Office 2013 and Sharepoint 2007/2010 At PQR we run Sharepoint 2010 to store all our project documentation centrally, this works well for every consultant has access to the same information all the time. In the old days you had Groove, then we used Sharepoint Workspaces… neither were really helpfull but the later one most of …
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