Webinar: Hoe realiseert u 24/7 business continuïteit

Webinar: Hoe realiseert u 24/7 business continuïteit Toenemende mobiliteit Smartphones, apps, tablets, we kunnen er niet meer omheen. Mobiliteit neemt toe en blijft één van de belangrijkste uitdagingen van de IT-organisatie. U wilt uw medewerkers immers vrijheid en flexibiliteit geven, zodat zij altijd en overal kunnen werken. Daarvoor is het noodzaak dat de workspace, applicaties … Read moreWebinar: Hoe realiseert u 24/7 business continuïteit

Monitoring – Citrix management pack for SCOM?

Monitoring – Citrix management pack for SCOM? Yesterday a survey passed my attention regarding monitoring, Citrix requested input from partners and others regarding monitoring. I’m not that keen on filling in survey’s for I have that feeling that the questions asked are not for me as a partner to answer. Question like “in what time … Read moreMonitoring – Citrix management pack for SCOM?

Monitoring, what if….

Monitoring, what if…. In this blog I will show you that even though you monitor your servers and services you still might miss events and experience angry users. The blog is called monitoring, what if… because what if you monitor everything but don’t your monitoring tool doesn’t tell you what is related? In this example … Read moreMonitoring, what if….

End 2 End monitoring

End 2 End monitoring, keep your users happy A few days ago I presented at PQR’s itGalaxy, a yearly event organized to share knowledge and connect with peers and others. I presented a session about End 2 End monitoring for I think it’s missing in so many environments and today it’s more and more impossible … Read moreEnd 2 End monitoring

Virtual Desktop Monitoring

Virtual Desktop Monitoring For my work I’m busy with designing, implementing and troubleshooting VDI environments…. I see VDI in this matter as a concept including SBC and all other central desktop solutions. So I downloaded Virtual Desktop Monitoring (Accelratio) to get started… I setup a small environment in a client server kind of way for … Read moreVirtual Desktop Monitoring