Unboxing: 10ZiG 5848qdv / 4448qv, PCoIP and Blast zero client: on-premises and Cloud management

10ZiG, a vendor offering cutting edge Thin and Zero clients, send me some clients to test. In a previous article I showed the easy setup of the devices. The previous article is found here; Unboxing article. This new article will give an overview of the management solution. How this came about Last year at VMworld we …
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VMware User Environment Manager 9 – PCoIP policies

VMware User Environment Manager 9 – PCoIP policies Yesterday and today VMware announced Horizon 7, Horizon 7 includes User Environment Manager 9 (UEM9). with UEM 9 comes the ability to manager PCoIP policies, which is awesome for you can manage the with the user context in mind. Below is the screenshot of that feature. My co-worker @svenH called …
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Teradici PCoIP bandwidth calculator

Teradici PCoIP bandwidth calculator Working on a design you need input from the customer and you need a tool to calculate how much bandwidth is needed to implement the solution. Calculation bandwidth or sizing in general is the hardest part of a design for there are many factors that remain uncertain, one being the users …
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VMware View – PCoIP SSO bug

Hi, Last week we discovered a bug in VMware view. It’s a security breach in the PCoIP protocol that allows any user to override security of locked VMware View desktops. This only happens when using the PCoIP protocol and happens with the 4 and 4.5 version. We’ve tested this in several environments, at customers and …
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