Creating a mandatory profile

Creating a mandatory profile This blog will show you how to set up a mandatory profile and how to use it with a UEM product like RES Software of Liquidware Labs Profile Unity. There are more blog like this, personally I like the blog from Robin Hobo a lot, so here that link. http://www.robinhobo.com/how-to-create-a-mandatory-profile-with-folder-redirections/ I …
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The Group policy client service failed to logon – access denied

The Group policy client service failed to logon – access denied This blog will show you, at least one solution, to the error that you might encounter when logging on to a Windows desktop. Setting up environments often also brings back errors on a regular basis, some errors are just daft human mistakes – mine …
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Do you want a hybrid solution or a roaming profile

If you use a hybrid profile solution, use it correctly. The last years we’ve traveled from the horror of roaming profiles to a hybrid form making life easier for administrators and the users. In this blog I will shed my view on how I see many organisations make use of the hybrid profile and what …
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Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity, a quick look

Liquidware Labs Profile Unity There are many User Environment Management solutions on the market these days, some large and some pretty darn small. Most of us have a favorite one that we recommend to all our customers. I’ve been working with some in the past years and thought I have to try one that is …
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Speed up that Welcome screen

Windows 7 login Working with Microsoft Windows 7 on a daily basis in project can lead to small but interesting tuning tips. I was working on a project and was slowly getting frustrated with the time I had to wait before, the customer made available computer, would log me in. Every morning it took me …
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