Citrix XenClient – usability test

Citrix XenClient This blog is a experience of working with Xenclient in real life. I decided, after having the possibility, to switch to Xenclient a month before Synergy to experience it and get some valuable info to share.Since today, 09-09-2011 I’ve switched from old school bare metal windows deployment on my work related laptop to …
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Facebook – Contacts and Privacy

Hi, Today while creating a webinar we were discussing that Facebook isn’t that secure. The reason we thought it wasn’t that secure it that when you add friends, colleagues and business contacts they all can see all your posts. Also it might annoy them to see posts that don’t relate to them. We were so …
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VDI – SSO, not so secure….

After the initial post we discovered more security matters that you should keep in mind. !!!! This is not just a VMware issue, this is a issue with all VDI solutions, it’s because we want SSO for our users.!!!!!! The VMware View client has by default a 600 minute time-out in which the user credentials …
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