TrendMicro DSAFilter_HEAP_MAX_Size

DSAFILTER_HEAP_MAX_SIZE There are more issues occuring with TrendMicro DeepSecurity, issues not related to the vShield driver. I want to mention one of them here, the other one comes later after I verified it really still is an issue. Unreachable servers We experienced random unreachable servers, one minute you would connect to a server the next …
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VMware vShield for Endpoint & TrendMicro Deep Security

VMware vShield for Endpoint & TrendMicro Deep Security Implementing new technology can be tricky, during a project we encountered some strange behavior with VMware vShield for endpoints & TrendMicro Deep Security. At first we were in the dark about the whereabouts of issues we were experiencing. the issues we noticed were performance related.  Logon times …
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