Securing the Workspace part 3: How UEM can assist in securing your Workspace

In the previous blogs, I wrote about security and security basics. If you are interested in those blogs you can find them here Part 1 and Part 2. This blog will show you how a User Environment Management solution can assist in this. As written before, no solution will solve your security concerns. Solutions will help you mitigate …
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Securing the workspace, part I : chasing bad versus ensuring good

Security is a thing we have to deal with more ever than before. At vEUCTechCon I presented a session about securing the workspace. The intend of that session was to create awareness of threats out there. It was also intended to show how certain products could help you. The products shown at the conference were …
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Citrix acquires Norskale, see how the UEM market shifts

Citrix acquires Norskale, see how the UEM market shifts Big news today, Citrix acquires Norskale which is big news. Rumours were flying that someone was buying but as everyone kept saying not us, so I thought the rumours were just rumours. with this acquisition the market for User Environment Management shifts. With the creation of the …
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Office 365 containers for Citrix from FSLogix

Office 365 containers for Citrix from FSLogix True performance of Microsoft Outlook in a user environment is key as we spend hours a day with it. To get that performance you need cached mode of Outlook to be enabled or work with a on-premises Exchange server. This is a local cache which is held in …
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One player down, DELL steps out

One player down, DELL steps out Today we were surprised by the news that DELL stopped selling vWorkspace, the news came through an article at Brianmadden.com. If you’re interested in the article you can read it here – article – Let me share my thought on this. As you might remember Dell bought EMC a …
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