UEM Smackdown, the team behind it

UEM Smackdown, the team behind it In a previous article I wrote about how I’m updating the UEM smackdown, if you want to read that article you can click the link. I promised to write the second part of the article and present the team that helped me with updating the UEM Smackdown. In this …
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AppSense and LANDESK, what do they bring to the market?

AppSense and LANDESK, what do they bring to market? Yesterday LANDESK announced it would acquire AppSense, a move I for one did not see coming…  So with both companies coming together let’s take a look at what they will bring to market and how it will disrupt it. Quadrants If we look that the Magic Quadrant …
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LANDESK acquires AppSense

LANDESK acquires AppSense Just today was the acquiring of Appsense by LANDESK announced. Appsense is one of the big players in the User environment Management world, established in 1999. Appsense is known for the following products;   Environment manager Application manager Performance manager DataNow Insight Some of the products are available under the suite DesktopNow. …
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The making of a smackdown

The Updating of a smackdown I thought it might be a good idea to share my experience on how you update a Smackdown or a bakeoff. There are several of these documents out there with matrixes that compare different products, features and vendors. They are needed for vendor tend to believe us they will deliver …
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UEM Smackdown – Time for an update

UEM Smackdown – Time for an update In the past years PQR, together with several members of the community, worked to create a couple of whitepapers to compare different solutions to one another. These whitepapers have been valuable in IT. One of these whitepapers is the UEM Smackdown, it’s an overview of all the UEM …
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