Breaking Citrix XenApp Client side rendering

Breaking Flash client side rendering Working on several projects at once you encounter many different issues that are interesting to investigate. Some of those issues however seem to be unknown to Citrix so far. The issue I’m describing below is one of those, when “googling” you find only a few hints towards the same issue … Read moreBreaking Citrix XenApp Client side rendering

RES Workspace Manager 2012 – New functionality; Relay servers

With the release of the 2012 version of RES Workspace Manager a couple of things have changed. One of those things is the addition of the Relay servers, other features like ConfigMgr support will be discussed later on. So, what’s up with those relay servers? Until now every agent connected directly to the datastore to … Read moreRES Workspace Manager 2012 – New functionality; Relay servers

RES HyperDrive

RES Hyperdrive For a few weeks now I’ve been playing around with RES software Hyperdrive.  Before that I worked with Citrix Sharefile or Dropbox but because we got the chance I decided to try out Hyperdrive. Setup The setup is an CentOS appliance that connects into the Active directory and backend storage… there’s not much … Read moreRES HyperDrive

XenClient 2.1 a usability review

Whilest working on the PQR smackdown I will write a small update about XenClient 2.1. I’ve installed XenClient 2.0 about a month before going to Citrix Synergy in Barcelona, the reason for this was to gain knowledge about the product. I was expecting a lot of sessions and discussions about XenClient and didn’t want to … Read moreXenClient 2.1 a usability review

RES WM 2011 – Dynamic privileges

Dynamic privileges …a short review… A new cool feature in RES workspace manager 2011 is the possibility to use Dynamic privileges. To understand what dynamic privileges are we first have to understand what issues we run into when designing user environments. User environment are built around applications, user settings, drive mappings and of course basic … Read moreRES WM 2011 – Dynamic privileges